Recent Promotions!

SSG DFW (January 15)  Congratulations to Jon Hyams of the Arlington Study for his successful test for Compagno. Jon turned in an expected, strong foundational test. Yet another indicator that Dave Ambrose and Dave Smith are doing good work in Arlington.  If you are in the area, it always good to drop in at the park and train with them.

(December 10, 2011 and December 17,2011): (12/17) Congratulations to Karna Krishna on his successful Compagno test, showing a good foundation for his future studies.  Karna is quick to make connections to outside source material and is making great progress on both plays and interpretations.  (12/10) Congratulations go out to Sean Delaney, Jasen Boyle, Matthew Adams, and Daniel Barron, our newest Scolari Minori with the Spada a Due Mani.  These four have been working together on the Largo, and bring solid skills, dedication, and some interesting new interpretations into play.  Watch out for them as they continue their work on integration! Vivant!

SSG CHARLESTON, SC (September 6, 2011). JC Conway, leader of the SSG group in Charleston, South Carolina, has been working with the Schola for several years now, and is a dedicated and talented teacher. It is with great admiration that SSG now formally awards JC the title Instruttore, and we thank JC for all the work he has done so far to develop the Schola in his area. We look forward to the future with you JC! Vivat!

SSG BOSTON(October 20, 2011): Daniel Barron successfully tested for Compagno with Spada a Due Mani, showing his strong foundational work. Dan brings a strong analytical approach to his studies, and switches well between his dominant left hand and non-dominant right, making sure we concentrate on both. Auguri, Dan!

SSG BOSTON(August 4, 2011): Deborah Barolsky received her rank of Compagna dell' Abrazare, showing a strong foundation in grappling. Besides her sword work, Deborah has been working for some time with the early drafts of the Abrazare curriculum, and so easily turned her hands (a ligadura?) to the new material. Congratulations, Deborah!

SSG IRAQ(July 25, 2011): Patrick Griffin demonstrated and tested for Compagno with the Spada a Dui Mani. Patrick tested well and is already working diligently towards Scolaro Minore. Congratulations!

SSG, RIGA, LATVIA(July 8, 2011): Erika Kozlovska and Karina Kozlovska made the trip from Riga to spend a three day intensive with Patrik Olterman in Malmö. After having spent five years working with the different developmental versions of the SSG Abrazare system and completing our developing instructors course, both Erika and Karina are now named instructors and both placed at the rank ofScolara dell' Abrazare a Corpo. Although they both tested and showed the prowess and knowledge needed for Scolara Libera they are given some time to internalize the new system (filling out a few holes) before testing again. Erika and Karina also tested and showed the knowledge required for Scolara Maggiore with the Longsword. To our new Scolare and Instruttori VIVAT!

SSG DFW 2011 SYMPOSIUM(June 11, 2011): Congratulations to all of the students who trained and fought so excellently in our 2011 Symposium in DFW.

Spada a Dui Mani promotions

In the field of Spada a Dui Mani (Sword in Two Hands) the following students were promoted based on the prowess they demonstrated in three days of training and after it was clearly evident that they were fighting above their grade in the Schola's Pas d'Armes held on June 11, 2011:

From DFW & Arlington, TX, Thomas Belloma and David Ambrose both gained Scolaro Minore. Kip Larson and Robert Derner were promoted to Scolaro. Finally, David Smith and Dan Sepdham were both promoted to Primo Scolaro. Congratulations!

From Boston, MA, David Knight was promoted to Scolaro Maggiore. Congratulations to David, whose prowess shines out as he consistently performs far above his grade. At the DFW Symposium David Knight was also publicly recognized as a Schola Istruttore (Instructor), so double congratulations are in order.

Finally, SSG is honored to announce that in the field of Spada a Dui Mani the first award of Scolaro Libero (Free Scholar) was made to Boston Instructor Charles Deily, whose fighting prowess and enormous contributions to the Schola's curricula are well known. In addition, anyone wondering what kind of prowess might be expected to attain recognition as Scolaro Libro need look no further than Charles' daga v. spada fight against SSG President Colin Gabriel Hatcher, where Charles took out Colin multiple times with his dagger against Colin's longsword, and then Charles' superb half-sword masterclass in his "sword-in-armor" fight against a fully armored Robert Derner. For that armored fight a resounding Vivat! is due to both gentlemen for one of the most talked about fights of the tournament.

Abrazare promotions

In the field of Abrazare (Grappling) instructors Colin Gabriel Hatcher & Patrik Olterman have now created a full Abrazare curriculum for the Schola. The first three SSG members to be placed (graded) in the Abrazare are all from Malmö, Sweden, and were awarded their grades dated April 25, 2011, the date filming of the first set of DVDs of this new SSG Abrazare track were completed. The first Abrazare awards were as follows: to Micke Lindell, of Malmö, Sweden: Scolaro dell' Abrazare a Brazi; to Patric Janhammar, of Malmö, Sweden: Scolaro dell' Abrazare a Brazi. Finally we are honored to announce that the SSG's first award of Scolaro Libero dell' Abrazare, for his work on the creation of the new SSG Abrazare curriculum, is made to our European Director and Europe's Chief Instructor Patrik Olterman, also of Malmö, Sweden. Anyone at the DFW Symposium who saw Patrik's grappling skills knows why he merits this recognition. Vivat!

In addition to the above, we are honored to recognize a number of new Compagni dell' Abrazare. Everyone at the DFW Symposium who attended three days of intense Abrazare training was recognized as a Compagno/Compagna dell' Abrazare by founders of the curriculum Colin Gabriel Hatcher and Patrik Olterman. Students achieving this recognition are listed as follows:

From DFW, TX: Russell Pharr, Andy Borman, Dan Sepdham, David Ambrose, David Smith, Jay Hollinger, Kip Larson, Robert Derner, Thomas Belloma and William Belloma are all awarded the rank of Compagno dell' Abrazare. Shonna Crawford, and Tabatha Ma are awarded the rank of Compagna dell' Abrazare.
From Boston, MA: Charles Deily and David Knight are both awarded the rank of Compagno dell' Abrazare.

Congratulations to all!

MALMÖ SWEDEN(April 25, 2011): Congratulations are due to Micke Lindell, who on this day graded to Scolaro in Fiore's Sword in Two Hands, and to European Director and Instructor Patrik Olterman, who graded to Primo Scolaro in the Sword in Two Hands.Also on April 25, 2011 the first three SSG members to be placed (graded) in the Abrazare were awarded their grades. These were as follows: to Micke Lindell: Scolaro dell' Abrazare a Brazi; to Patric Janhammar: Scolaro dell' Abrazare a Brazi. Finally we are honored to announce that the SSG's first award of Scolaro Libero dell' Abrazare, for his work on the creation of the new SSG Abrazare curriculum, was made to our European Director and Europe's Chief Instructor Patrik Olterman.

SSG DFW & ARLINGTON(May 5 and 8, 2011): David Ambrose of the Arlington Study Group successfully passed his test for Compagno with flying colors. Dave has been working diligently under the guidance of Dave Smith and on his own to internalize the material. Kip Larson also passed his test for Scolaro Minore. He has a good grasp of the Zhogo Largo principles and the volte of the sword, and is now working on integrating these into both focused an free sparring. Finally, Thomas Belloma passed his test for Compagno as well. Thomas has also done a great job with this material quickly grasping the foundational footwork, strikes, poste, terminology, and plays.

SSG BOSTON (May 5 and Apr 30, 2011): Congratulations to Matthew Adams and Michael Terry, who passed their test for Compagno! Matthew showed his solid command of Fiore and the beginning plays, and immediately put them to use in strong and controlled sparring. Michael advanced quickly in the few short months he's been studying with us, and ably handled even the odd questions thrown at him in testing. David Knight and Deborah Barolsky held the field as part of their Scolaro/Scolara testing, showing their command of both spada and breadth weapon (spada contra daga and daga, respectively). Both David and Deborah regularly bring their outside knowledge to bear on Fiore's works, and after class immediately continued their work on creating new drills for the rest of us. Congratulations, all!

SSG DFW (Apr 14, 2011): Dave Smith successfully passed the test for Scolaro Maggiore. An already strong combatant, he is well on his way to internalizing the zhogo stretto through sparring. Jeremy Bowers did the same, successfully testing for Scolaro Minore. As a student of Dave, he was also a good reflection of Dave's teaching. If you haven't yet, look to spar with both of them at the symposium. Congratulations, gentlemen!

SSG CHARLESTON, SC (March 17, 2011): Congratulations are due to SSG Charleston SC, where several students recently tested and passed grading. Ashleigh Philippi, Chris Hobbs and Donald Chase presented a solid Fiore foundation and now all hold the rank of Compagno/Compagna. Good work! Brendan O'Conner demonstrated a good grasp of the zhogo largo concepts and is elevated to Scolaro Minore. Well done Brenden! And finally, JC Conway presented eloquently and excellently for his Scolaro Maggiore rank. Once again, congratulations all!

SSG DFW (Dec 5, 2010): Andy Borman and Russ Pharr completed their Primo Scolaro tests tonight, successfully finishing the structured portion of the SSG Curriculum! Dave Smith likewise completed his Scolaro test, and Robert Derner accomplished his Scolaro Minore testing. Very well done! (Dec. 2, 2010) Kip Larson and Jeremy Bowers successfully tested for Compagnotonight, and their respective instructors--Russ Pharr and David Smith--have obviously been doing a fine job teaching! Both combatants are very strong and will become even more of a threat on the field than they are now. Good work, gentlemen!

SSG BOSTON/CHARLESTON SC (August 12, 2010) Sean Delaney passed his test for Compagno ranking after a whirlwind summer of study. Sean has been studying with us twice weekly, and consequently has been making speedy progress! (July 22, 2010) J.C. Conway of Charleston came all the way to Boston to win his Scolaro recognition! J.C. was knowledgeable, a positive joy to spar against, and showed a command of how Fiore might have handled an Egyptian khopesh. Well done, J.C.!

SSG DFW (July 20, 2010) Ethan Caddy was our first under-18 Scolaro! Ethan tested strongly with the entries and showed very good skills with the daga, which Russ Pharr was been guiding. Congratulations, Ethan! (June 10, 2010) Scott English successfully tested for Compagno and passed with a strong test. Congratulations to Scott, and to Russ Pharr, who successfully brought him through the Ellefante material. Scott is the first student to start at the new DFW site and to complete the Ellefante testing.

SSG Atlanta/Charleston/SF (May 28-30, 2010) Jeff Ulmer successfully tested with Jason Willis for Compagno, while Erika Perry Lee, Celeste Will, Arin Dove, Jason Easterman, Christopher Richards and Hugh Klumb all tested successfully for Scolaro Minore. SSG Atlanta study group leader and founder Bryan Johnson successfully tested for Scolari Maggiore, and as a highlight, Colin Gabriel Hatcher was at long last recognized as a Magistro within the Schola. Well done, Atlanta, Charleston, and SF!). An outstanding set of promotions for 2010, a testament to much hard work by our instructor and active students.

SSG Atlanta
(May 22, 2010) William Wright was tested and promoted by Bryan Johnson for Compagno and passed with fling colors. Congratulations to William Congratulations!

SSG DFW (Apr. 22 2010) Dan Sepdham and Russ Pharr both turned in very strong tests for Scolari Maggiore tonight! Outstanding work especially on play #6 by Russ and Dan both! All key groups of plays--from the terzo magistro della incrosada, to sweeping, to driving from both incrose, to the intramano and tor di spada, were all excellent. Sparring with these two will henceforth be even more deadly. And watch out for Dan with the lanza--he's become truly deadly, and a sincere pleasure to fight..

SSG DFW (Apr. 1 2010) David Smith is the first to test for promotion at the new SSG DFW School for Chivalric Arts, completing a very solid Scolaro Minore test. For his breadth weapon, Dave demonstrated some very skillful play with the messer, showing how Fiore's principles would apply to a very short sword or long knife. Fine work, David!

SSG Charleston (Mar. 22 2010) Outstanding video test by Jon Conway in successfully testing for SSG Charleston's first Scolaro Minore! Not only was Jon's test very strong, and very nicely presented, but it is the first video test for Scolaro Minore, and a testament to some very good work being done in the land of the Citadel (where my Grandfather taught), Charleston!

SSG Boston (Mar. 18 2010) Congratulations to Jasen Boyle, who became a Compagno tonight, after showing a strong display of the plays and his knowledge. Jasen has already been helping out by passing on his knowledge to newcomers, and is building on that foundation.

(Feb. 20/21 2010) As we remarked the the investiture ceremony in Boston, it had been my intention to recognize Frank Petrino as a Primo Scolaro in June of 2009 at the SSG Symposium here in DFW. Owing to illness and family commitments, however, Frank was unable to attend that event, so the recognition was not celebrated. However, after much friendly discussion, I think the date of Frank's promotion to Primo Scolaro should date to June of 2009 (itself an overdue date), not only because of Frank's superior and passionate drive to integrate the zogho stretto material, but also because his reasons for missing the investiture are all the right ones. As Charles stated as his ceremony, he too had no desire to draw any honor due to Frank. In both combatants, therefore, I would celebrate the chivalric spirit that characterizes the SSG and recognize Frank Petrino as the Schola's first Primo Scolaro as of June of 2009. With proper humility, doutbless, Frank will consider this an unearned honor, but nothing could be further from the truth, as many can testify.

SSG Boston (Feb. 20/21 2010) It is a sincere pleasure to announce the promotion of Charles Deily as the Schola's second Primo Scolaro. Charles' long efforts have brought him significant renown in and out of the Schola for his prowess (especially with the daga contra other weapons), for his facility in translating Fiore's Friulian, and for his organizational abilities in keeping the Boston Area study group ahead of the pack both in terms of technique and organization. For those of you who have not yet that the pleasure ot meeting Charles on or off the field, you are in for a treat, as Charles appitomizes the Schola's ideal blend of chivalric virtue and prowess. Also testing this weekend was David Knight, who in a very short period of time has well-proven himself. It is a pleasure to recognize him as a Scolaro Minore, and he wears the belt of Louis Tarmichael, from DFW.

SSG Charleston (Feb. 23 2010): It is a great pleasure to announce the first successful video tests, these coming at the hand of SSG Charleston study group leader JC Conway. Hugh and Brandon successfully tested for Compagno with strong tests, so SSG Charleston now has three compagni and we will look forward to meeting several of them this year in Atlanta!

(Oct. /Nov. 2009) Keith Augenthaler did a very fine (and overdue) test for Scolaro, with an impressive demonstration with the lanza for his breadth weapon. Keith is of course one of our most talented DFW combatants, and he's expecting his first son on Dec. 1st. A double congratulations are thus in order! Zachary Whitaker successfully completed his Scolaro Minore testing, and David Smith (Arlington) successfully tested for compagno. Congratulations!

SSG Atlanta (October, 2009) Thanks to the efforts by John Sarge and Bryan Johnson, SSG Atlanta-area study group leader, a host of new SSG Compagni tested at the end of their Fall semester. Aaron Dove, Celeste Will, Erika Lea, Jason Easterman, Joseph Wallace, Chris Richards and Matthew Harris completed their testing. Details to follow!

SSG DFW (June 27, 2009) At the 2009 Symposium, Bryan Johnson, SSG Atlanta-area study group leader, successfully tested for Scolaro and submitted a fine essay. Jason Willis, Charles Brown, and Russell Kinder all made extremely strong showings in their testing for Scolari Maggiore.

SSG DFW (June 8, 2009) Ethan Cady and Nick Santella both successfully tested for their Scolari Minore. Nick's test in particular was long overdue, and Nick will be leaving us for Delaware later this month. (June 4, 2009): Russell Pharr successfully tested for Scolaro with an exceptionally strong daga presentation which we'll see repeated, along with Dan Sepdham's sword and shield, at the June symposium. Also, happy news in that Louis Tarmichael completed his chivalry essay and has thus completed his promotion, also to Scolaro! Read his essay here. This makes for five Scolari (green) within the last month, with at least one more to go!


SSG Boston (May 30, 2009): At the East Coast SSG Get-Together, Jarkko Hietaniemi and Noah Goldman tested for Scolaro with a some pleasant poleaxe work for their breadth weapon, and Deborah Barolsky demonstrated the breadth weapon portion of the test with daga. Charles Deily and Patrik Olterman conducted outsdtanding demonstrations of the zogho stretto, and so far exceeded requirements for successful testing as Scolari Maggiore. Superb work by two of the Schola's leaders and by all of the SSG Boston zugadore who participated in the weekend. Congratulations!

SSG DFW (May 28, 2009): Dan Sepdham successfully tested for Scolaro with a strong presentation of the entries, very strong sparring, and a solid presentation of the hardest weapons extension, the sword and shield. He will be presenting his summary of the sword and shield transfer again at the SSG Pas d'Armes on June 28. (May 5, 2009): Mary Pekowski and Lara Stelly completed their Compagno tests before Mary continued her drive in the lanza tournament! Lara in particular had a firm grounding in the historical material and in her very strong, spring-oriented poste, while Mary's grasp of the kinesthetics was equally strong. We look for much more from these two new companions!

SSG Atlanta Area: (April 25-6, 2009): John Conway, Adam Dill, Allen Williams, and Jonathan Sarge all completed very strong tests for Compagno at the Atlanta Area Seminar organized by study group leader Bryan Johnson.

SSG Metro Boston: (April 4, 2009): David Knight and Stephanie Borns-Weil tested successfully for Compagno, showing a strong command of plays and poste, as did two more youth members, Aden and Yonah. Congratulations all around!

SSG Lawton & SSG Little Rock: (Mar. 18-19, 2009): At the SCA's Gulf Wars event, we took the opportunity to test two combatants. Thomas, of the old SSG Lawton (OK) group, did extremely well in his testing for Compagno. Thomas has excellent spirit and form combined, and we hope to see him from time to time down here in DFW. From Little Rock, Pete Rearick did a very nice test for Scolaro, demonstrating for his breadth weapon the short cutlass and belaying pin, traditional 18th century weapons, showing that Fiore's principles really are extensible to almost any hand weapons. In addition, Pete wrote a superb essay on chivalry which we should see soon over in the Testing Essay section. Very nice work Pete and Thomas!

(Mar. 05, 2009): Zack Whitaker completed his Compagno test, tutored primarily by Andy Borman and Sam. Nice work over the difficult fall semester! Boston, MA (Feb. 22, 2009): Three junior students of Charles Deily, Noah, Ben, and Simon all successfully tested for Compagno, completing very strong performances which proved a testament to Charles Deily's instructional strength. Well done, new compagni! NJ (Feb. 21, 2009): Frank Petrino was at long last formally recognized as a Scolaro Maggiore (senior scholar). As East Coast Regional Director, Frank has also been instrumental in the development of the zogho stretto module and it is with a glad heart that we welcome him into the fellowship of the scolari maggiore.

Riga, Latvia (Feb. 1, 2009): Viktor Perminev was tested by Patrik Olterman for Scolaro Minore, a fine testament to the teaching prowess of Vitalij and Arturs. Fine work Riga! DFW (Jan. 29, 2009): Andy Borman, Rob Herstrom, and Clayton Towrey turned in a superb troika of tests for the first three Scolari Maggiore (senior scholars). Much fine work was done with the fifteen plays of the zogho stretto, the three ligadure, and the three throws. Keith Augenthaler did a very nice Scolaro Minore test, showing a very strong base! And we had a fine send-off as Clayton is moving to Wichita, KS. We'll miss you here in DFW, Clayton!

London Area, UK (October, 2008): Will Pearson successfully tested for Compagno and Mark Pegram held the field against six opponents in testing and was awarded the rank of Scolaro Minore after showing much prowess and virtue on the field.

Indianapolis, IN (Aug 7 & 8): SSG Indianapolis's study group leader, LeRoy Brown, became the first to test for Compano. Independent Scholar E.J. Arnold, currently stationed in Iraq, also successfully tested for Scolaro with a fine errant's pas d'armes. Both tested at the SCA's Pennsic War, and both demonstrated sharp focus on the SSG's intended chivalric interpretation of Fiore's Art.

Boston, DFW (June 6): Clayton Towery turned in a solid test for Scolaro with an excellent sword in one hand demonstration at the SSG Summer Symposium. (May 16): Charles Deily (Boston) has earned the SSG's first honors grading for Scolaro with a fine pas d'armes and essay on the chivalric readings, along with a great daga vs spada breadth demonstration. Keith Augenthaler and Nicholas Santella (DFW) both turned in strong Compagni tests.

London Area, UK & Riga, Latvia (May 12, 2008): Hanna Olterman successfully tests for Compagni while Arturs Baltacis, Sintija Razna and Andrew Short tested for Scolaro Minore. Pending final completion of breadth requirements, Patrik Olterman, Darta Seso, Karina and Erika Kozlovska have successfully tested for Scolaro. Dominic Eaton and Mark Anderson completed their Compagni tests on May 15. Congratulations all!

London Area, UK (May 01, 2008): Mark Pegram and Andrew Short become London's first Compagni after a two hour test. Congratulations!

DFW, TX (Apr. 10, 2008): Russell Kinder completed the final portion of his Scolaro test, using the azza for his breadth weapon. Well done, Russell!

Little Rock, AR (Mar. 15, 2008): James Corriveau tested well for his Scolaro Minore, and is now working hard on his breadth testing in the application of the principles of the azza. James tested at Gulf Wars--bravo!


Boston Area, Massachusetts (Feb. 23, 2008): Deborah Barolsky, Noah Goldman, Jarkko Hietaniemi and Steve Lewis have all joined the ranks of the Scolari Minori. They received their belts, along with a belated presentation to Compagno Mary Gowins, after testing during the Abrazare and Daga weekend. Congratulations on the recognition of your hard work!

RIGA - Latvia - The Riga study group has produced two brand new Compagni, Arturs Baltacis and Sintija Razna. The two have been studying on their own out of Daugavpils (will we see a new study group there soon?). Special recognition must be given to Arturs who has tutored Sintija from first timer to compagno in a very short time (And he himself has only attended a handful of classes in Riga).

DFW (Dec. 20, 2007): Andy Borman is the first Scolaro in DFW, while Rob Herstrom has been recognized as the second! Andy is our rapier instructor, and he did his breadth weapon exposition and demonstration using the backsword, while Rob used the spear. (Jan. 10) Congrats also to Dan Sepdham, Scolari Minore, and John Lawson, Compagno! (Jan. 17) David Browning promoted to Scolaro with a very good poleaxe breadth interpretation! Jay Eason and Amanda Thomas, two great Compagni tests! (Jan 25).

LITTLE ROCK STUDY GROUP - 12 new promotions for the Little Rock study group, including three Scolari (Jason Willis, Charles Brown, and Scott Parks), four Scolari Minori (Todd Shapley, Paul McCune, Mike Walloch, Pete "the Pirate" Rearick), and five outstanding Compagni, including Kirsten & Rob Glinke, Alex Lalonde, Melinda LeFever, and Leif Hassell.



#2 Carl Fryday 2009-03-28 03:21
Congratulations Thomas & Pete! I was glad to get to run through some Schola maerial with Thomas one evening and to fight with Pete in the Masters Tourney as well.

#1 Clayton Towery 2009-03-27 13:47
Congratulations to both of you! And for Pete's unique choice of weapons...all I can say is "Arrr!"
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