Our Current Instructors, or "Istruttori"

Schola Saint George is blessed with many fine students and teachers. In recognition of those who contribute both in terms of time, knowledge and prowess, in teaching others our interpretation of the marvellous martial system of Fiore dei Liberi: L'Arte d'Armizare, Schola Saint George is honored to list the following as our currently active members who bear the title "Istruttore" or Instructor. The title Istruttore is symbolized by a white or silver lute.


Colin Hatcher, Esq., SSG President, Istruttore, Dallas, TX
Colin Hatcher

Colin Hatcher, Esq. is by profession a trial attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area, California USA. He has been a martial artist for the past 34 years and a martial arts instructor for over 20 years. He is qualified in and has practiced many of the grappling arts (wrestling, aikido, judo, Japanese jujitsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu), as well as other martial arts, including kali/escrima, and thai boxing. In addition for 10 years (1989-1998) he was an active instructor and participant and full-time volunteer with the International Alliance of Guardian Angels, where he became its International Director of Training, with primary responsibility for re-building that organization's training curriculum from the ground up.

Mr. Hatcher is an Englishman from the medieval town of Castle Cary, Somerset, England (dating back to the year 1059 a.d.). Castle Cary is only 15 miles from Glastonbury Tor (a strong contender for the Isle of Avalon from Arthurian myth), and not surprisingly, growing up in this environment Mr. Hatcher has had a lifelong interest in medieval history and culture.

He began his medieval martial arts study and practice with participation in the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) as a heavy weapons fighter. When the Schola Saint George commenced with its first formal class in 2000, studying the martial art of Fiore dei Liberi (Arte d'Armizare) he was in that first group of students. Since then due to his extensive martial arts experience he has been a key contributor to the development of the Schola's grappling (Abrazare) and Dagger (Daga) curricula, and is an instructor for the Schola. He has been actively researching and practicing Fiore's Arte d'Armizare for the past 10 years, including making his own original translation of Fiore's grappling and dagger sections from the medieval manuscripts.

Mr. Hatcher is a former Schola Saint George President.

Mr. Charles Deily, Boston-Area Group Leader, Istruttore, Boston, MA
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LtCol. Bryan Johnson (US Army), Istruttore, Atlanta, GA
Bryan Johnson is a professional military officer of 24 years and an Artilleryman by trade.  He has had a fascination with medieval warfare and personal combat since living in Europe as a child.  He has trained in a number of martial arts since he was very young.  He has been involved in medieval armoured combat and reenactment since the mid 80s.  He has focused on L'Arte D'Armizare since 2004. He is the founder of the Atlanta Branch of the SSG and is a SSG Instruttore.  He has a special fondness for the pollaxe.

LtCol. Johnson is the current President of the Schola Saint George.


Mr. Patrik Olterman, European Regional Director, Istruttore, Malmo, Sweden
oltermanPatrik Oltermanis Schola Saint George's European Director. He joined Schola Saint George as the Study group leader for SSG's first European group in Riga, Latvia, and later formed a second study group in London England while living there as a student at William Booth College in London where he studied to become a Salvation Army officer. After graduating the Salvation Army officer training, Mr. Olterman moved back to his home country of Sweden and currently runs a Schola Saint George group in Malmo, Sweden, in addition to running the Salvation Army mission in Malmo.

In 1992 Mr. Olterman became one of Schola President Colin Hatcher's students in the Guardian Angels, where he earned a second degree black belt in Colin Hatcher's street rules martial arts "School for Warrior Spirit". As an accomplished grappler, he was appointed one of five international instructors for the Guardian Angels in 1995. Patrik also founded and ran his own martial arts school called WSD - Warrior Self Defence, a school devoted to training street-smart self defence skills to individuals and groups since 1998.

Mr. Olterman has further gained renown as an accomplished Rapier and dagger fighter within the SCA where he is a student of the acclaimed "Dragons Steel" recipient Thomas Langland.

Within the Schola Saint George Mr. Olterman has focused on Fiore's Abrazare and Daga, both within the medieval context and in applying it to modern self defence. He also has a very strong interest in the warrior ethos and the chivalric framework as a tool to help troubled teenagers and adults to find a way and purpose in life.


Mr. Russell Pharr, Istruttore, Dallas Fort Worth, TX

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Mr. Pharr is also a member of Schola Saint George's Board of Directors.

Mr. Andrew Borman, Istruttore,
Dallas Fort Worth, TX
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Mr. Borman is also a member of Schola Saint George's Board of Directors.

Mr. David Knight,
Istruttore, Boston, MA
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Ms Karna Kozlovska, Istruttore, Riga, Latvia
Karna Kozlovska is one of the Study group leaders of the Riga studygroup. Karna is a Lion who will never back down in close quarter combat, she may be small but as we say: There is always someone smaller than you, who will kick your behind.

E’rika Kozlovska, Istruttore, Riga, Latvia
E’rika Kozlovska is also one of the Study group leaders of the Riga studygroup. E’rika has an excellent form and will impress anyone with the longsword. E’rika has two sides to her fighting personality, one is kind and gentle, pray you never meet the other.

Mr. JC Conway,
Istruttore, Charleston, SC
Is the Instructor for the SSG Charleston Branch.  He is also a member of the SSG Boasrd of Directors.

Mr. Aaron 'Cillian' Dove,
Istruttore, Atlanta/Marietta, GA
Aaron M. Dove is a nationally recognized fight instructor with more than 20 years of stage, fencing, historic martial arts, and reenactment experience.  Aaron began working in community theatre in the 1980’s. He worked as support staff, portrayed street characters and served as fight director and consultant for renaissance festivals in Florida and Georgia. He began studying historic European martial arts in 1999 and has been learning and sharing his knowledge ever since. His research into these arts, and his eagerness to share it with others has been recognized with awards of high merit in both historical recreation groups and international Western Martial Arts organizations.  Aaron began studying with the Schola Saint George in 2008, and was recognizes as an Istruttore by the organization in 2011. Along with his wife Celeste teaches medieval sword and buckler, Italian longsword, and renaissance rapier at Arts of Cobb in historic downtown Marietta in northwest Atlanta.
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