Announcement by Colin Gabriel Hatcher, newly elected President of the Schola Saint George


To all interested persons:

For personal reasons the founder and President of the Schola Saint George, Brian Price, has tendered his resignation to the Schola Saint George Board of Directors. The resignation follows posts in public internet forums in which questionable business practices have been alleged against Brian. As a result of these allegations, and because of the need to address these issues privately, Brian has elected to depart from the Schola Saint George, lest the Schola’s members be adversely affected by association with the personal and business disputes Brian now finds himself involved in.

Following Brian’s resignation, the Board of Directors held an emergency meeting to discuss his departure and to address two urgent matters that had also come to the Board’s attention through postings on the internet. The first concerned a loss of corporate status in the state of Texas where the organization is registered. The other concerned whether members’ personal injury and liability insurance was adversely affected by the loss of corporate status in Texas. The Board extends its thanks to those who posted this information online and thus alerted the Board to these issues.

On the issue of Brian’s resignation, the Board accepted the resignation and thanks Brian deeply for his foundational work in creating the Schola Saint George and for all of the time, resources and work he has put into the organization over the past 10 years. The Board will not forget his contribution. The Board of Directors, which is the sole official voice for the Schola Saint George, has no comment on the merits of the publicly aired business disputes Brian now finds himself involved in, and hopes that all parties involved are able to resolve these disputes as expeditiously as possible and to mutual satisfaction.

At the emergency meeting the Board accepted nominations for a new President to serve the Schola Saint George. Elected to the office of President was Colin Hatcher, Esq., who has been with the Schola Saint George since 2001 and is an instructor for the organization, specializing in the grappling and dagger curricula. Mr. Hatcher is also a civil trial attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area. Also elected to the Board at the emergency meeting was Charles Deily, SSG Instructor for the Boston group.

The Schola Saint George Board of Directors now consists of the following 5 persons:

President: Colin Hatcher, Esq.
Vice-President: Robert C. Holland, Ph.D
Secretary and COO: Lt. Col. Bryan Johnson
Treasurer: Jason Willis, Leader of the Little Rock SSG Study Group
Board Member: Charles Deily, Instructor for the Boston SSG group

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#8 Colin Gabriel Hatcher 2011-02-27 11:01
Thank you for your good wishes Patrik, Russ and Jonathan. We look forward to getting on with the joys of chivalric medieval fighting! :)
#7 Jonathan O'Neill 2011-02-26 05:46
I would like to thank Brian for his help and support he has given me since joining the Schola.
I am pleased to hear that the Schola will continue as it always has.
Congratulations to Colin & Charles.
Respects Guys.
#6 Charles Deily 2011-02-26 03:15
Thanks, guys!
#5 Russell Pharr 2011-02-26 03:10
Congratulations to Colin and Charles on their election to the board. I look forward to your leadership and feel confident in the way forward. Thank you for stepping up in this time of need and change.

Thanks to to the the Board for their quick resolution to the immediate issues that we were facing in light of Brian's resignation.

And deep, heartfelt gratitude to Brian for his foundational work in the Schola and for ensuring that it has been and always will be about the Mission, and the material, not about any one Way or Person.
#4 Patrik Olterman 2011-02-26 00:28
We all build on the shoulders of giants, Brian is such a giant on whose work we are proud to develop and grow!

Brian we salute you: VIVAT, VIVAT, VIVAT!

To now watch what paths the schola will go down under new leadership (distinguished and accomplished as this new leadership is) will be a wonderful adventure!
#3 Colin Gabriel Hatcher 2011-02-25 19:21
Thanks Juan, JC!
#2 Juan Fajardo 2011-02-25 18:19
Thank you, gentlemen. We all owe Brian a great debt for the work he put into its founding and expansion. It's glad news that the Schola will continue its mission in good hands.
#1 JC Conway 2011-02-25 17:47
congratulations to Colin and Charles.
2012, Schola Saint George, Inc.