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Daniel León opens SSG Affiliated Martial Arts School in Ecuador

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Most new SSG groups are founded by a student who relocates. Daniel León, a Scolaro from Atlanta, has studied with the SSG for a couple of years, training with Bryan Johnson, Darren Foley, and the rest of the active Atlanta branch.

Daniel is a veteran of the Korean marital art Tang Soo Do, but he spent his time in Georgia cross training with the Schola.

Having now returned once more to Ecuador, he has opened a martial arts school that offers Tang Soo Do for children and adults, self defense, yoga, Kendo, and SSG-style swordsmanship, and massage. It's a holistic approach, seeking peace in mind and body, but getting right down to it with swords, too!

Philosophically, Daniel hopes to build a community, more like a family, around the school. His solid grasp of the chivalric aspects of our curriculum should compliment Daniel's already keen sense in this area. The school "menu" of choices is well thought out.

As an Affiliated martial arts school, Daniel's students will be following the SSG's curricula, and we expect to see Daniel and his students accomplishing great things with the l'arte d'armizare as the months and years go by. But I guess this means we'll need to start translating our core materials into Spanish, too...



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