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The Schola Saint George, established in 2000, is a 501(c).3 educational non-profit, focused on the knightly culture of the later Middle Ages. We have well-established core curriculum based on the sword in two hands of Fiore dei Liberi. We use "sword in hand" sparring and competition, including both HEMA-style tournaments and medieval-style feats of arms, hosted by the SSG, other medieval tournament sponsors, or the HEMA community. We strive to understand knightly culture as a whole, using chivalric ideals and martial exercise to achieve our true goal, to forge a chivalric community. While we study the fighting treatises, we encourage the use of authentic arms and armour, research and reading, in addition to physical training.


We seek to constantly expand our understanding of chivalric culture, physical and literary, building a "chivalric" martial art anchored in surviving fight-books, artistic renditions, and chronicles. We love to explore "sword in hand."


We study Fiore's L'Arte D'Armizare.

We train with a structured curriculum.

We improve our gear's authenticity.

We read medieval literature & history.

We run medieval-style tournaments.

We have a LOT of fun in the process! 


We're often told that our chivalric culture sets us apart, where respect is won through feats of arms and in personal conduct, as SSG compagni seek individual and group renown. We practice hard and compete with armore and concordia


Whether you're a rank beginner or an experienced martial-artist, our welcoming, structured curriculum allows students to advance at their own pace while experiencing the exhilaration of fighting. We use a variety of sword-simulators, from "soft" synthetics to rebated steel, depending on the group and the student's comfort level. 

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