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SSG students and instructors produce a variety of essays, articles, book and armour reviews, event accounts, and "how to's"


Topics include thoughts and analyses on training, coaching, competing, teaching, breadth weapon use, historical context, military history, arms and armour, and more.  

Unfortunately, a great deal of content was lost with the denial-of-service assaults on the old SSG website, so we will never likely reconstruct the 700+ videos, several hundred documents and forum discussions recorded there. 

Armour & Equipment

Brian R. Price began working on armour in 1981, with Aaron Toman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He ran an armoury as a business until 1990, and as a side venture until 2003, when he transitioned to building his other businesses. 

TECHNIQUES OF MEDIEVAL ARMOUR REPRODUCTION, published by Paladin Press, is over 600 pages with 660 photographic and vector illustrations. Intended for beginners and intermediate armourers, it has been called the "bible" of armouring. While it is out of print, copies can still be had through

Techniques & Tactics

Darren Foley, SSG Atlanta
Brian R. Price, SSG Co-Founder

See more works by Dr. Price on

ACADEMIA.EDU, including a technical work introducing sword in one hand, an extensive work on the poleaxe, a journal article proposing a framework for the reconstruction of historical martial arts, and one on Aristotle and the Martial Arts of Medieval Europe.  

Sword in Two Hands was the SSG Compagno curriculum, published in full color, hardcover, in 2007. Stock ran out of 2,000 copies in 2011; it is now out of print, but copies can sometimes be found in the secondhand market online. 

Training & Coaching

Brian R. Price, SSG Co-Founder

Culture & Context

Sam Fishburne

MA Thesis:

"Chivalry and the Wars of the Roses:

An Analysis of the Actions of English Knighthood While at War from 1455-1485." 

Brian R. Price, SSG Co-Founder

See the sample chapter from Dr. Price's dissertation, "The Martial Arts of Medieval Europe," (UNT, 2011) and a forthcoming article in the Journal of Medieval Military Studies, "Yron & Stele: Chivalric Ethos, Martial Pedagogy & Combat Technique in the Early Fourteenth Century Middle English Romance Version of Guy of Warwick (Issue #16, Summer 2018); "The Technology of Combat: Arms, Armour and Fighting Techniques During the Hundred Years' War," forthcoming in Dankeschrift for John Francis Guilmartin, ed. Kelly deVries, (Brill, 2018). 

Dr. Price taught a graduate course in medieval warfare and chivalric culture at Hawai'i Pacific University. 

Medieval Warfare Magazine articles

"The Poleaxe and the Changing Face of Warfare"

Vol. 5 No. 3 (June, 2015)

"A Fifteenth Century Manual of War:

Conrad Kyeser's Bellifortis"

Vol. 6, No. 5 (Oct., 2016)

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