Pensacola, FL Study Group

Est. July. 2018

Welcome to SSG Pensacola, established in 2018! We are a small group of compagni looking for anyone who is interested in swordplay as an art. We are primarily using two-handed swords, and are starting to add wrestling to our studies. Our members compete in HEMA and SCA tournaments throughout the region.

I [study Group Leader - Josh Beck ] want the group to be the annual host of a Pas d'Armes in the region, as well as have students known for as the go-to person for specific weapon systems or styles. Students are encouraged to become involved with the SCA as well, as there is a large presence here.


Nylon sword trainers

A mix of HEMA- and medieval style helmets and protective gear


Before sparring, students must become members of the SSG, Inc., which is $35/year. 

Currently none. May change if we get our own site. 



We cover footwork, a small amount of wrestling, then proceed to the main coursework of two-handed sword. Games and free sparring come towards the end.

Hitzman-Optimist Park, on Langley Drive next to the YMCA

3221 Langley Ave,

Pensacola, FL 32504

11am - 1pm 
SSG Core Beginner


Thanks! Message sent.


Josh Beck, Study Group Leader

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