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Little Rock, AR Study Group

Little Rock Western Martial Arts

on hiatus

COVID and the bustle of life have kept the Little Rock group from coalescing--however--some members and HEMA folks are meeting up anyway, coordinating via the FaceBook page below. If you're interested, drop a note below! 

In the early days of the Schola Saint George, one of our most active groups was Little Rock. Organized by Jason Willis--winner of the Best Spear Kill, Ever--the group advanced the curriculum (epecially the zogho stretto) and did both armoured and unarmoured (gambeson + mask) fighting. 

Today, Dan Murphy and a small troupe of folks are re-establishing this group!

The group is in the midtown/Riverdale area, with a focus on longsword, side-sword, and dagger. 


Little Rock Western Martial Arts Club is a Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) group dedicated to the study and preservation of various European martial traditions. The group is an affiliate of the Schola Saint George, a not-for-profit Chivalric Martial Arts organization. The majority of the structured curriculum will come from the Schola St. George framework which is based on the Fior di Battaglia (Flower of Battle) composed by the late 14th/early 15th century Italian master Fiore dei Liberi.The group also operates using a study group format where members may choose weapons and systems of interest and share their knowledge of those for the collective benefit of the group. All those interested in HEMA or Western Martial Arts are encouraged to join. No previous experience or equipment are necessary.

Meeting times and locations may vary depending on availability. Our current goal is to meet on Saturdays and Monday evenings at Allsop Park, but you are encouraged to meet and train as you see fit. Please post in the page or follow the discussions for the latest times and locations.


Both rebated and poly practice weapons. 

HEMA-style protective gear; gambesons / padded HEMA jacket; gloves, fencing masks. 


Before sparring, students must become members of the SSG, Inc., which is $35/year. 

Currently none. May change if we get our own site. 


Saturday &


Classes cover foundational and intermediate SSG material, along with other masters as selected and brought for presentation by group members. 

See our FB page below for announcements! Members may also meet at other places and times. 

Currently variable
Mix of German & Italian 


Thanks! Message sent.

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