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The Schola Saint George now certifies our instructors as junior "instruttore minore" - and senior, "instruttore maggiore."  

Progress as an instructor first usually requires accomplishment in the core curriculum to the Scolaro Maggiore level, training several students to the Scolaro level, and having the sponsorship of a Instruttore Maggiore or a Magistro. Then, an exhaustive oral exam (2-3 hours, on average) must be passed. New instructors are certified.

Our instructors are responsible for developing and maintaining the curriculum, as well as continuing their own development within the martial art. Except in unusual circumstances, instruttore may only test students to up to two belt levels below their own. Online video testing is available. 

Dr. Brian R. Price (Associate Professor, Civilian Advisor, Afghanistan; former Silicon Valley VP; SCA knight & earl)

SSG Co-Founder, Co-Founder of SF study group; SSG DFW; SSG Honolulu

Dr. Price has been fighting in armour since 1981, at first within the SCA, where he earned a knighthood and won Crown Tournament (Caid, 1987), starting out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During the late 1980s he spent considerable time analyzing the SCA's behourd fighting style. He was recognized as a laurel for his armour, and he authored Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction in 2000 (available from Amazon), which remains the "armourer's bible."  In 1992, he co-founded the Company of Saint George, which sought to encourage chivalric conduct through more authentic tournament formats, for which he edited Chronique, the Journal of Chivalry (1992-1999). The Company of Saint George and their signature pas d'armes format inspired many others to follow in what became the Tournament Companies movement. In 1992 he wrote an essay volume, The Book of the Tournament (available from Amazon), which introduced the idea of renown as "the coin of the tourneyer," still a core principle in medieval-style feats of arms. 

In 1999, he co-founded the SSG--alongside Dr. Robert Holland. The first SSG class was run in the San Fransisco Bay area, and the SSG continues there today. He was the SSG's founding President, building the SSG until 2011 when he deployed to Afghanistan. In 2007, he consolidated his curriculum into the 2007 book, The Sword in Two Hands. Since then he has edited several other books, such as Teaching & Interpreting Historical Swordsmanship and has written a number of articles for Medieval History Magazine and one for the Journal of Medieval Military History (2018). He received his doctorate in 2011, writing "The Martial Arts of Medieval Europe." Upon his return from Afghanistan, he founded the SSG Honolulu.


Martially, he enjoys especially the sword in one hand, spear, sword in two hands, poleaxe, and sword and buckler, in and out of armour. He is especially fond of armour from the late fourteenth century, but as a soft place for Northern Italian armour of the 15th century as well as mid-century alla tedesca (Italian, but made in the German style).


Dr. Price is an Associate Professor at Hawai'i Pacific University, where he teaches mainly graduate courses in American military history, strategy and counterinsurgency. Presently he is researching books on the Air Force modernization in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as the struggle for the services to integrate socio-cultural knowledge.  Many of his writings may be seen on his page

Bryan Johnson (US Army, LTC ret.)

SSG President; Founder, SSG Atlanta, Instruttore Maggiore

Bryan is a retired military officer of 27 years and an Artilleryman by trade. He has had a fascination with medieval warfare and personal combat since living in Europe as a child. He has trained in a number of martial arts. He has been involved in medieval armoured combat and reenactment since the mid 80s. He has focused on L'Arte D'Armizare since 2004. He is the founder of the Atlanta Branch of the SSG in 2008. He has a special fondness for the pollaxe.

Andy Borman (Software Development Manager)

Branch leader, SSG DFW, Instruttore Maggiore

Andy Borman has been with the SSG since 2004, when he began his study of the sword in two hands. Prior, he was an active student of the rapier, studying first with the SCA. Rapier remains an area of special interest, and he continues to study the Italian masters. Andy is also particularly fond of the sword in one hand. He has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of North Texas. Andy and his wife Alicia are frequently found playing in the Dallas music scene. 

Thomas Belloma (former US Army)

SSG Board of Directors, SSG DFW, Instruttore Maggiore

Thomas studied in DFW with Russ Pharr and Andy Borman. Today he continues to lead classes in DFW and with his own study group in Fort Worth. Thomas has more than seven years with the SSG, beginning his study with Colin Hatcher, Russ Pharr, and Andy Borman. He also has eight years Tae Kwon Do, Special Forces combatives three years; Shito-Ryu Karate, four years, and a year of Kendo/Iado. Thomas studied biology at Stephen F. Austin State University, and served with the 1st Brigade, 504 PIR, 82nd Airborne, U.S. Army)

Jesse Melanson (Technician)

Los Angeles, Instruttore Minore, formerly SSG Honolulu

Jesse is a combatant of extraordinary ability. He began with the SSG in 2012, studying with Brian R. Price, but relocated to the mainland in 2016. Jesse especially enjoys the spear, sword in two hands, and poleaxe, though he also fights with sword and buckler and dagger. Jesse is fond of classical music and studied fine arts at Kapiolani Community College. 

Darren Foley (AMT Delta Airlines)

SSG Atlanta, Instruttore Minore

Darren Foley works with both beginner and intermediate students. He joined the Atlanta SSG group in 2011. Darren has produced material focusing on Fiore's sword in one hand, Vadi as well as I.33 sword and buckler for SSG.

Steve Berger (Software Industry Professional; studied pathology at State University of NY Framlingham)

SSG Atlanta, Instruttore Minore

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Colin Chock (Olympic-style Fencing Coach)

SSG Honolulu Co-Branch Leader, Instruttore Minore

Colin has done Olympic fencing for most of his life. For many years he has been running the Salle Honolulu fencing club. In 2012 he began with the first group of students in the SSG Honolulu, but quickly became one of the group's core members. 

Sam Fishburne (US Army, Lt. Col.)

Board of Directors, Independent, Formerly SSG Honolulu, Instruttore Minore

Sam has a background in the British re-enactment scene, giving him an appreciation for authenticity of kit. He began with the SSG Honolulu in 2014, studying with Brian R. Price, Colin Chock, and Andrew McKenzie. He taught actively while in Honolulu and hopes to land in a spot where a new SSG group might be established.  

Sam is a currently serving as an officer with the U.S. Army,


His medieval interests tend to focus on the Wars of the Roses; he has has recently completed a Masters in Diplomacy & Military Studies, writing on Chivalric conduct during the Wars of the Roses, in 2015, which compares literary ideals with battlefield practice in three key battles. 

He has a late 14th century tournament kit mostly complete and is working towards an English/Flemish harness of the mid-15th century.

B.J. Tix (Masters in Engineering, currently teaching)

Anchorage Study Group Instruttore Minore, formerly SSG Honolulu

B.J. Tix began with SSG Honolulu, where she studied with Colin Chock, Andrew Mackenzie, Brian R. Price and Sam Fishburne. She is a capable combatant and has since relocated to Anchorage, where she has (in 2018) founded the study group there. BJ Holds a Masters in Engineering from the University of Hawaii and is currently teaching. 

Dan Leon

Instruttore Minore, Founder, Quito, Ecuador Affiliated School, Scuola Gladiatori

Throughout the past 25 years, Mr. Daniel León has been involved in the training and teaching of martial arts including the management of his own martial arts school.  Possessing a distinguished 18-year customer service and sales background as well as professional international experience working in companies with production facilities and sales offices in the U.S. and overseas, Daniel has combined this experience in order follow his passion by starting his own business. Having started training in 1988 at the age of 12, he was first introduced to Tang Soo Do, a traditional Korean fighting art dating back over 2,000 years.  After achieving the rank of 3rd Dan in this style martial art, he departed for Spain in early 2007 and through continual study, earned the rank of 1st Dan in Full Contact Kickboxing, FKBCV, later in 2008.  Drawn by the similarities and applications between Asian martial arts and European systems of combat, Daniel began the study of XIV century European fighting systems, also known as Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA), in late December of 2016. He is an active member of the World Tang Soo Do Association, WTSDA, is a certified international instructor and Sah Dan, 4th degree Black Belt, Master Candidate and also continues his study and instruction as branch leader of Schola Saint George in Quito, Ecuador, the first SSG group established in Latin America.  Daniel speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese fluently and enjoys contributing to the positive impact that the martial arts brings to the local community and the chivalric values that the SSG upholds. He currently is teaching the SSG curriculum at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, USFQ, one of the most prestigious private institutions in the country and the collegiate course offers students college credits for a semester of study within the Athletics Department. Now establishing the Scuola Gladiatori as a leading martial arts academy, Mr. León is incorporating functional exercises, traditional Korean martial arts and proven training methodologies thus forming the basis and foundation of Scuola Gladiatori, Warrrior School, of Cumbayá, Quito, Ecuador.

Arin Dove (Rapier & Cut Thrust Marshal, Kingdom of Meridies; Red Sword Company; Mission of St. Ignatius)

SSG Atlanta

Arin Dove enjoys the rapier, but he also teaches longsword. Presently he holds occasional classes in conjunction with the SCA in the Atlanta area.

Zachary Springer (Head Coach, HEMAPE-HEMA Physical Education; U.S. Marines)

Savannah Study Group, Instructor Candidate

Zach is a frequent participant in HEMA tournaments, especially ringen. He has won a number of ringen events, and is also competitive in longsword. 

Andrew McKenzie (Business Owner)

SSG Honolulu, Instructor Candidate

Andrew has been around armoured fighting since he could stand, as his father was proprietor of MacKenzie-Smith Armory, in California. He has years of experience within the SCA, and has been with the SSG Honolulu, studying with Brian R. Price, since 2014. As an instructor candidate, he trains students in SSG Honolulu and runs a commercial dive boat business on the island, Hawaii Diving Adventures. He has also been instrumental in developing the SSG "working paper" on spada en arme, sword in armour, proposed as part of the SSG's advanced curricula. 

Marshall Strong (Political Science major, Armstrong State University)

Savannah Study Group founder, Instructor Candidate

Marshall Strong is founder of the Savannah Study Group, studying with JC Conwy and Bryan Johnson. He currently leads the Savannah group and coaches the SSG folks in Charleston and Savannah at major HEMA events. He studied Political Science at Armstrong State University. 

JC Conway (Non-Profit Boards, Theater Professional)

SSG Board of Directors, Instruttore Maggiore, SSG Charleston founder

Currently inactive. 

Russ Pharr (SSG, Crossfit Instructor)

SSG DFW, Instruttore Maggiore

Currently Inactive

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Want to Teach?

Students with demonstrated teaching and leading abilities are encouraged to consider also pursuing instructor's certification. 

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