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Individuals who have experience with the SSG but who are not affiliated with a group currently, usually because of work deployments, or the need for more local activity. Send us a note and we'll put you in contact! 

Sam Fishburne (United Kingdom)

Board of Directors, Formerly SSG Honolulu, Instruttore Minore

Sam has a background in the British re-enactment scene, giving him an appreciation for authenticity of kit. He began with the SSG Honolulu in 2014, studying with Brian R. Price, Colin Chock, and Andrew McKenzie. He taught actively while in Honolulu and hopes to land in a spot where a new SSG group might be established.  

Sam is a currently serving as an officer with the U.S. Army,


His medieval interests tend to focus on the Wars of the Roses; he has has recently completed a Masters in Diplomacy & Military Studies, writing on Chivalric conduct during the Wars of the Roses, in 2015, which compares literary ideals with battlefield practice in three key battles. 

He has a late 14th century tournament kit mostly complete and is working towards an English/Flemish harness of the mid-15th century.

Liz Holmdahl (Sweden)


Liz is a Swedish military officer who studied with Dr. Price in SSG Montgomery while attending the staff school there. She completed her Schola Minore test while in the States, and is working towards Scolaro. In Sweden she competes in HEMA but also intends to pursue armoured fighting, in theory building a group. 

Alex Cooley

Orlando, FL

Alex has many years experience in armoured combat, including SCA, BOTN, and other forms. He's in the process of planning and building a fighting school in Orlando that will include a number of different approaches, including SSG. 

Gene Arnold (Africa/Missouri)

Africa / Missouri

Gene Arnold is on a current deployment to Africa, where he holds practices with a small group. Gene is a Scolaro (Green). Upon his future return to the U.S., he hopes to expand his activity with the SSG in Missouri. 

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