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The Schola Saint George is a unique school of “chivalric” martial arts, a hybrid not quite a HEMA school in the usual sense nor a tournament society, like its parent, the Company of Saint George. The SSG promotes the study and exploration of the combative martial arts of Europe as preserved in the surviving fight-books as well as within other surviving sources. We are equally focused on building knowledgeable students with respect to the context in which those arts were practiced historically. As such, the SSG has a focus on authenticity in arms, armour, clothing and accoutrement, and in the format for competitions, the late medieval deed of arms.  We remain “application agnostic,” meaning that we teach the martial principles and practice, encouraging our combatants to participate not only in our own deeds of arms but in other venues as well.

The sections below are all "in progress," as we're trying to reconstruct the school's eighteen years! 


Part I – Prehistory, 1981-2000: The SCA and the Company of Saint George

            The SCA – Chivalric Culture, Kinesthetics of Fighting, Deeds of Arms research

            The CSG – The Company of Saint George and the Tournament Company movement

            The WMA – Early history of Western Martial Arts – Founding of the SSG


Part II – The First Decade, 2000-2010: The WMA Decade

            Early WMA Studies

            The Society Years, Frank Reinhardt, HACA/ARMA; AEMMA; SSI

            California Years

            Branching Out – SSG Dallas – Boston – Atlanta - Birmingham – Little Rock – Riga – SF


Part III – The HEMA Years, 2010-2017

            Ebbing of the Old Guard

            HEMA takes the spotlight

            New Directions – The Hatcher Years (2011-2015)

            And Here We Are – 2015-6: Lessons Learned

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