Montgomery, AL area Study Group

est. Nov. 2018

A relatively new study group led by SSG founder Dr. Brian R. Price, emphasizing chivalric feats or arms and of course, Fiore dei liberi's l'arte d'armizare

Currently we have three students focused on the zogho largo with the sword in two hands and two working through the ellefante material. Some want to participate in feats of arms; our Swedish student will return to Sweden next year to participate in HEMA events; and we have a close connection with the local SCA group, offering more sparring and camaraderie potential.  

Practice times are Sundays, 10:30-12:30, conveniently before the SCA practice in Millbrook, which runs starting at 2pm! They are held in Wetumpka, where we have the workshop, Dr. Price's library, and indoor/outdoor facilities.

Monday practices now held at the same location, 5-7pm. A Weds. practice at Maxwell AFB, in the gym, is planned from 3:00-4:30. 

SSG Montgomery is truly "application agnostic," meaning that we welcome those who want to improve their study of the late medieval sword and the affiliated weapons, whether they play in HEMA, the SCA, ACL, or other groups that practice feats of arms. We will sponsor at least one medieval-style feat of arms per year!


Newcomers are encouraged to come - no equipment required to start - we have ample loaner gear for the first few weeks.  


Beginners start with lightweight "poly" trainers; sparring is done with light or medium-weight trainers, progressing to rebated steel as armour and other gear is acquired. 

Medieval shoes recommended to start (to get the footwork right); gardening-type or swordsmans' gloves, comfortable clothing. 

Recommend acquisition of a padded gambeson, HEMA-style mask or helmet, and gauntlets or modern hand protection for sparring. 

We really want to move everyone towards authentic gear, even for practice. 


Before sparring, students must become members of the SSG, Inc., which is $35/year. 

$20/month tuition/floor fees to start 



SSG core curriculum - sword in two hands, for beginners and experienced combatants alike. 

N. Bridge Street
Wetumpka, AL 36092
Sundays, 10:30-12:30
Core Curriculum
SSG Core Beginner

Monday, 5-7pm 


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