Mobile, AL Study Group

Est. Mar. 2018

We are a growing new group with classes at Seals Park. We have plans to move to an indoor/outdoor venue (hopefully this summer) at the James Seals Park recreation center/gym. The group currently has five seven members including the group leader. Hugh Sovik, the group leader, has been trying to get a Schola study group going since moving to Mobile from Atlanta about six years ago and excited to have finally succeeded before getting  too old, cranky and decrepit to enjoy swordplay any longer.  

The group leader is a former USMC Recon Platoon Sergeant who attended college on the Vietnam Era G.I. Bill then was recruited to become a Special Agent for the U.S. Customs Service, Office of Investigations (and which was later absorbed into the post-9/11 Department of Homeland Security – DHS Investigations).  During his tenure as Senior Special Agent (SSA - RETIRED), SSA Sovik was the lead agent for and a co-founder of the very first comprehensive defensive tactics instructor training program developed at the now DHS, National Firearms and Tactical Training Unit, Ft. Benning, GA, and which is still to this day the foundational defensive tactics system taught to all DHS Agents, Inspectors and Officers with search and arrest authority.  After retirement from DHS SSA Sovik was looking for a fun physical activity to keep him active and happened to stumble across the Schola Saint George group in Atlanta which appealed to his fascination with swordplay since early childhood.   Because of his background in Eastern, Western and practical police martial arts, Hugh was quickly impressed by the sound basic body mechanics and teaching theories being used when first introduced to the Schola Saint George and he continued to intermittently practice with the Atlanta group even after moving to Mobile until the successful formation of this study group in Mobile, AL. 


Rebated steel swords

HEMA-style helmets and protective gear


Before sparring, students must become members of the SSG, Inc., which is $35/year. 

Currently none. May change if we get our own site. 



One hour "down and dirty" with no time wasted (don't be late, or you'll be doing pushups until the crusty old group leader gets tired...

This is a beginner group, so to try us out just come in comfortable clothes! 

Seals Park
8:30am - 9:30am
SSG Core Beginner


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