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Deed of the Swan Knight

On the twenty-eighth day of April, in the year of our Lord two thousand and eighteen, Sam Fishburne competed as a Tenan in the Deed of the Swan, established and run by the Medieval Swordsman Guild of Kansas City. During this deed, the majority of combatants were offered three passes each, with each bout coordinated through the Captains. In all combat, armor was regarded as fully protective, requiring combatants to seek gaps within the armor.

In the first challenge pass, Sam fought the Dame Joanne Socash with the Lanza. Both combatants fought hard, though Sam emerged victorious, striking three blows to Dame Joanne’s one.

In the second challenge pass, Sam fought Sir Benaiah Anderson with the longsword. A hard-fought combat, both combatants afterwards spoke highly of the engagement. Sam was defeated by Sir Benaiah, four blows to one. Sam’s single blow awarded was to Sir Benaiah’s ocular.

In the third challenge pass, Sam fought Sir John Evan Smith with the longsword. A well-fought match by Sir Evan, Sam won the engagement three blows to two. All of Sam’s blows in this fight landed upon the aventail finding the seam between Sir Evan’s breastplate and helmet.

From Jon Eppler: Sam Fishburne acquitted himself well as one of the Tenans at the Deed of the Swan Knight in Kansas City. I fought as one of the Venans and had a great time.

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congrats, sam

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