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SSG represented well at SERFO (South Eastern Renaissance Fencing Open), the regional HEMA tournament sponsored by the Atlanta Freifechter. The HEMA sport continues to grow, and a number of the SE groups participate actively--in particular the study groups in Savannah and Charleston, and the SSG Atlanta branch.

And, in the words of Sam Fishburne, "On 10 November, in the year of Our Lord Two Thousand Eighteen, Chandler Mapoles did take first place in the First Blood and Franco-Belgian Rapier tournaments."

Marshall Strong (Savannah) won the Open Longsword and placed second in light weight Ringen. Ben Eades (on loan to Nashville HEMA) and Sam Spruill (Savannah) placed second and third in the Ringen middle weight.

This certainly does reflect well on the vigor and skill for the SSG in the SE!

--Ed Wells, SSG Atlanta

Many other Schola members performed admirably in their pools and eliminations.


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