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SSG DFW / Dallas Marshals take medals

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

In the Armoured Combat League Western Conference finals, members of the DFW branch fought as the Dallas Marshals--their ACL team--and took home at least four medals. Charlie Brumfeld took a Silver in the melee events!

Julie Slovacek-Peterson took not one, not two, but THREE silver medals--one in longsword, one in sword and shield, and another in sword and buckler. Just three weeks ago, she took a gold in the Eastern conference finals in longsword!

As the Marshals captain noted, "Fiore translates really well into ACL fighting." I've found that's also true for SCA fighting, and even moreso for the tournament company style feats of arms. And we know it works well in HEMA, given how well our SE groups are doing, Savannah and Atlanta in particular.

We talked in an earlier post about the ACL style combat as an analogue for the "Combat of the Thirty" style of combat, where two groups of combatants decided to "tourney" for renown during the Hundred Years' War; ACL combat uses no thrusting, but it is done in full-armour, does employ a lot of grappling, and a lot of strikes--an "iron man" kind of competition rough-and-ready, of the sort that seems to have been popular with the unbelted men-at-arms in late medieval Europe.

Congratulations are in order for the renown won by the Texas teams, for our own DFW members, and for Julie in particular!


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